Winter Season Essay in English for Students and Children



The winter season is one of the four seasons in India, which begins in December and lasts till March. Winter days are bright and pleasant due to the low summer sun. The mountainous regions of North India look very beautiful due to heavy snowfall. December and January are the extreme winter months, during which we experience a lot of problems due to too much cold weather.

The best weather is to go on long drives and tours. This season attracts more tourists from India and at the same time invites beautiful birds in the pleasant atmosphere of the sky. The winter season also poses some problems for poor people as they do not have warm clothes or proper houses.

Various birds migrate and animals go into hibernation due to excess cold. Fog and haze are very common in this season which causes more traffic and road accidents. To avoid the cold we have to wear many woolen clothes and stay indoors for several days.

Winter season

The winter season begins in the whole of India according to the regions of the axis tilted around the Sun and the rotation of the Earth.

According to recent meteorology, the winter season falls in December and ends in February (or early March) for the Northern Hemisphere. For the people of the Southern Hemisphere, the winter months are June, July & August.

Characteristics of the winter season

We feel many changes in the winter season as compared to other seasons like long nights, short days, cold weather, cold air, snowfall, winter storm, cold rain, dense fog, frost, very low temperature, etc.

Pleasurable things in winter

We can enjoy many winter activities such as ice skating, ice biking, ice hockey, skiing, snowball fighting, building snowmen, snow castles, sledding & many more activities as per the weather interest and condition.


Starting on Winter Solstice, India has an important season-ending on Vernal Equinox. Compared to all other seasons, winter has the shortest day, the longest night & the lowest temperature. The winter season comes when the earth tilts away from the sun. This is bad for trees and plants as a health season because they stop growing. In this season many animals hibernate due to unbearable cold weather. Snowfall and winter storms are very common in this season.