Trees are Our Best Friend Essay in English For Students



Trees are probably the best gift for people from mother earth. The main thing one should recollect is that trees needn’t bother with us, rather we need them.

Notwithstanding holding particularly extraordinary importance in our lives, people have been overexploiting trees for a very long time.

This consistent practice can end up being amazingly obliterating for both the earth and human existence. For example, the modern area is chopping down trees quickly for achieving crude materials in mass.

How trees are affected by human activities

The governments are adding to deforestation by clear-slicing to construct tremendous structures. It is a gift given to humanity. They structure an essential piece of our prosperity and assume a critical part in our lives.

Trees are the crucial wellspring of energy as it outfits us with the fundamental necessities of life-food and oxygen. As earth’s development occurred, trees gave extra unmistakable necessities like safe house, medication, instruments, and so on

It is urgent to save the forests, woods, and trees in metropolitan zones and economically deal with the turn of events. Trees act like our closest companions as they offer in wealth and expect nothing as a trade-off.

Other things that a tree benefits

For the two people and creatures’ trees are the wellspring of food. Consistently we stand by energetically for great produce.

Likewise, we convert food to different items that are traded globally. They help control the climate’s temperature by keeping harmony among mugginess and dryness.

A few birds assemble homes on trees where they lay eggs and raise their little ones. The greater part of the wild creatures lives in the woods.


Trees are known as one of the closest companions. They assume a vital part of our life. We can not live without them. They give us lumber, paper & kindling.

Trees act like our dearest companions as they offer in bounty and expect nothing as a trade-off. They additionally clean the water and soil and eventually make the earth a superior spot.

It is additionally a reality that individuals who live close to trees are better, fit, and more joyful than individuals who don’t.