Time and Tide Wait for None Essay for Students


good use of Time

We all know that time does not wait for anyone under any circumstances, it always keeps moving forward.

Therefore, we should use our time for good work. Because the time spent cannot come back again.

So we have to use our time well. In which we can work hard to make our dreams come true so that we can use our time properly.

Time – A Precious Gift of God

There are some people who can understand the importance of their time well. Therefore, those people do all their work at the right time to achieve their success and become successful people in their life.

But there are some people who never appreciate their time and never understand its importance. That is why those people are never able to do their tasks at the right time. Because of which those people later become a failed people.

So we always have to keep in mind that time is a precious gift from God. Which we should use well. Because those who achieve their success using the right time, they move forward in life. Those who are remembered for a long time because of their success in society

Cycle of Time

Always moving forward has been called the cycle of time. Which is seen as an incarnation of God itself, according to the doctrine of Hinduism.

Which is known as “Kalachakra”. We can see everything made in the world and can also see its size. But time is the only thing we can never see clearly. But we can feel the time through day and night happening every day.

Like every living being born on this earth dies one day. No one can remain immortal here. This process is called “Kalachakra”.


Time is the part of this world that has dominated everything in the world. Like the sea wave. Which is a natural process of the seaside. Who has dominated the whole sea? Which cannot be separated from the sea under any circumstances. Similarly, time cannot be separated from this world under any circumstances. Rather, this world goes on according to time. Which no one can stop. Therefore, with time, everyone has to use the time in their life properly and move forward to achieve their success. Because time in this world does not stop for anyone. Hence the saying “time and tide wait for no one”, this proverb shows the right path to success for all of us.