Students should not be allowed to play PUBG essay in English



PUBG is a word you should have most likely heard at this point. It is the abridged type of Player Unknown’s Battleground.

Fundamentally, it is a computer game which is a multiplayer fight royal game. It is renowned everywhere in the world. Be that as it may, the diversion factor doesn’t mean it is all acceptable.

Pubg is played by every age group

The game has gotten viral and is played by billions of individuals. The players have gotten dependent on this game. Besides, it is hampering their personal satisfaction. At the point when the game got delivered for Windows, it got rave surveys.

Further, after being delivered on cell phones, it got out of control. The fever for this game spread among all age gatherings. Which began as an entertainment game has now transformed into a compulsion.

It is seriously affecting the existence of the players and furthermore bringing about different violations. For example, a kid committed suicide because of PUBG portable game dependence.

Its impact on children

The game meddles significantly with the investigations of an individual. The understudies who ought to contemplate squander their energy on this game.

This outcomes in dismissing consider and furthermore in decreased degrees of fixation. It is so on the grounds that this PUBG portable game compulsion hinders their cerebrum movement.

Their capacity to get a handle on things and concentrate simply brings down. Indeed, even exploration recommends that the scholastic exhibition of PUBG players is dropping hugely.

How to control its addiction

We as a whole realize that the abundance of anything is awful, be it a computer game or anything. Nonetheless, one should likewise realize that we can handle any fixation by legitimate measures. Regardless, attempt to decrease the time you spend on the game.

Leaving everything abrupt is illogical so put to the side a fixed time and attempt to play it in that particular one. Likewise, attempt to redirect your brain. Don’t generally remain inside.

Go out and enjoy proactive tasks. At the point when you will have different activities, your psyche will not go towards the game. In this way, meet your companions and take up different interests.


By the way, PUBG is also a game, which is made just for entertainment. But it is said that excessive use of anything is always harmful. Due to this, we get only and only loss. Whether it is a game like PUBG or something else. So when it comes to students, it is beneficial for them to play a game like PUBG and it is also harmful. Beneficial because if any student plays this game sometimes, they are entertained by it and if the student starts playing this every day, then he gets addicted to this game and he never pays attention to his studies. Therefore, how students should be allowed to play PUBG depends on their parents.