Short Essay on Tulsidas in English for Student & Chlidren


In today’s time or in old times, many all of us must have read or heard Hanuman Chalisa. This Hanuman Chalisa was created by Tulsidas Ji himself.

In which he has described the devotion of Lord Hanuman to Lord Rama and the strength, strength & intelligence of Lord Hanuman.

He himself was a great devotee of Lord Rama. Tulsidas Ji was very famous for his poems. Therefore, the Hanuman Chalisa made by him is the most popular in India.

Birth and Residence of Tulsidas

Tulsidas was born in the year 1532. His mother’s name was Hulasi and his father’s name was Atmaram Dubey. When he was young, he was known as Rambola in his childhood.

He was very interested in making different poems since childhood. Nobody knows much about his birthplace.

But some people believe that his birthplace is Rajpur. So some people believe that he was born in the Soro district.

Tulsidas Struggle

Tulsidas has endured a lot of struggle since childhood. His mother died on the second day of his birth. He did not have to face any other problems, so his father handed him over to a maid named Chuniya and he went away as a monk. But as soon as Tulsidas was 5 years old, that maid also died. After that, he was completely orphaned.

After some years, he met Narhari Dasji. Going forward, he made Narhari Dasji his master. After that Guru Narhari Das took them to Ayodhya. There Tulsidas learned to make poems and couplets. Going forward, he went to Kashi and studied Ved Vedanta. A few years after that, he renounced everything and became a monk.

Only then did he write the famous book Ramcharitmanas all over India. This book was made in the year 1582. A few years later, he himself saw Lord Hanuman. Then Hanuman told him some things. Tulsidas converted it into a poem. The name of that poem was Hanuman Chalisa. After that, he wrote many texts, poems, couplets & Kundalia. He died in 1623 at the age of 112.

Tulsidas Texts

Tulsidas has written many texts during his lifetime. Which people still read today, because Tulsidas texts are liked by the people and they are very popular among people.

After reading the texts of Tulsidas Ji, people are very much influenced by those texts. He has written many texts. Like he wrote the first book in his life, Ramcharitmanas.

After that Parvati Mangal, Vairagya Sandipani, Krishna Geetwali, Kavitavali, Vinay Patrika, etc.

Tulsidas’s verses

Tulsidas had many verses. The most prominent of them was to write a couplet, make kundali & compose poems. Therefore, he had composed many poems, texts & couplets using his verses.

People liked it very much and they became very popular in the whole country of India.