Short Essay on Sports in English for Students & Children


Sports are the easiest and comfortable way to get very good physical and mental exercise. It is useful for the development and growth of personality along with the country.

We cannot ignore the benefits and importance of playing regularly. Sports provide a good feeling to a person and motivate them to live a healthy life. It always keeps us healthy and healthy and at the same time keeps us away from the problems of intoxication, crime & disorders.

The Games are organized at the national and international level by the government to encourage children and students to participate in sports and gain popularity through them.

Many games are very simple, however, they require regular practice, meditation & hard work to do. It encourages us and at the same time instills a sense of patriotism in us.

Sports are also an effective way to reduce tensions between many countries internationally. It helps in improving the physical and mental strength of the individual as well as improving the economy and social strength of the country. Sports serve to upgrade our lives in many ways.


We should encourage children to take interest in sports and generate interest in their sport through equal participation of teachers and parents at home and school level. In today’s times, sports have become very interesting and can be played by anyone at any time, however, they must be practiced since childhood to achieve studies and other goals.