Safety of Women in India Essay in English for Student & Children


The culture of the country and tradition of India is famous in the whole world. Here, a woman is considered an avatar of a goddess. Today, in this modern world, a woman is seen working with men in every field.

He is able to stand with them shoulder to shoulder with them. But today, despite the country being so modern, it is still very backward regarding the safety of women. Women’s security is still a big problem in India.

Importance of Women

In today’s world, women have great importance in this world. But in Purana time, a woman was facing many troubles. At that time, women were not allowed to work in any field.

Could not get out of the house much. At that time there was no importance of women. No matter how much he tries to come forward, he had to stay under the hands of men.

Female Appearance

A woman, that is, a woman always thinks about her family first. Because a woman loves her family the most. If that woman is a mother, then her children are everything to her.

She retreats into giving her life for them. Therefore, whatever form of love and love is within the woman, no power in the world can match it.

Many Forms of Woman

When a woman is born in this world, then she is born as the daughter of a girl. After that, when she is big, then she is married and she is his wife.

Her name is changed and she lives a new life with a new name. He is born again for her. Like men in this world, women also have many forms.

Sometimes she is the daughter of someone, sometimes someone’s wife. Sometimes Kissy’s mother or sometimes Kissy’s grandmother. One such woman has many forms.

Woman is Goddess

On one hand, in this modern era, there are so many atrocities on women. Every day one gets news of atrocities on women on some page of the newspaper. It involves female feticide or mental torture.

These are also the most dangerous incidents when she is raped. On the other hand, this woman is also known as a goddess from ancient times till today. She is worshiped as Goddess Lakshmi or Durga Mata or as Kali Mata. It is considered an ardent force.

But, people need to change their perspective. People who look at women with a wrong eye or want something bad about them, to protect them from people. When we all do this, then the woman will be able to breathe freely in this world.