P.T. Usha Essay in English for Students & Children


In today’s modern era, a woman is also making every effort to improve herself. She also wants to show that a woman is no less than a man. There are many such areas in today’s world where only men used to work in earlier times.

But today a woman also works at the same place. One of the biggest examples of this is PT. Usha. No one has achieved a female athlete in her country before Usha.

P.T. Usha information

P.T. The full name of Usha is Pilavukkanti Tekkarampil Usha. She is also affectionately called Udan Pari. Usha was born on 27 June 1964 in the region named Payyoli located in Kozhikode district of Kerala.

Usha had been very interested in sports since her childhood. So he started training for the race in his small age of 12 years. She is named as the queen of Indian track and field in the whole of India.
Is also known.


P.T. Usha started her career as a female athlete in the year 1980. He started his game in 1980 in the Olympic event in Moscow. He then participated in the Asiad competition in the year 1982. In that, he won the gold medal in the 100 meters 200-meter race.

Then came his fourth number in the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. With this, she became India’s first runner-up to earn such a name in the race. Nobody was sure that an Indian woman’s race could reach the final in the Olympic Games.

After that, in ‘Track and Field Events’, P.T. Usha went on to win 5 gold medals and a silver medal, becoming the best runner-up in Asia. After that, he won many medals and brought laurels to the country of Puri in the world by becoming Asia’s best competitor. After that P.T. Usha has never looked back in her life.

P.T. Usha has won medals so far

Usha has played Padma Shri and Arjuna awards in all the competitions she has played in her entire life and has also won many medals. They were all international medals.

Karachi (International Tournament)19804 Gold Medals
Pune (International competition)



2 Gold Medal
Hisar (International Competition)1 gold medal
Ludhiana (International Competition)2 gold medals

Seoul (world junior event)



1 gold and 1 silver medal
2 silver medals

New Delhi (Asian Competition)

Kuwait (Asian competition)



1 gold and 1 silver medal
2 gold medals

New Delhi (International Competition)
America (international competition)19842 Gold Medals
Singapore (International Tournament)3 gold medals
“Czech” a European country (international railway competition)





2 gold and 2 silver medals
London (International Grand Prix Competition)1 bronze medal
Britslava (International Grand Prix Competition)1 silver medal
Budapest (International Grand Prix Competition)1 bronze medal
Ostrava (International Grand Prix Competition)1 silver medal
Jakarta (Asian competition)1 bronze medal
Seoul (Asian Competition)



1 Silver Medal
Malaysia (free-running event)1 gold medal
Singapore (Lions race)3 gold medals
New Delhi (National Competition)2 gold medals

Singapore (Asian competition)




3 Gold and 2 Silver Medals
Kuala Lumpur (free-running event)2 gold medals
New Delhi (International Competition)3 gold medals
Calcutta (Asian Competition)5 gold medals
Singapore (free-running event)19883 Gold Medals
New Delhi (pre-Olympic race)19882 gold medals
New Delhi (Asian Competition)



4 Gold and 2 Silver Medals
Calcutta (International Competition)3 gold medals
Malaysia (free-running event)4 gold medals
Beijing (Asian Competition)



3 Silver Medal
Hiroshima (Asian pageant)1 silver medal
Pune (International competition)1 bronze medal
Chennai (Asian Competition)19951 Bronze Medal
Pune (International Tournament)19951 bronze medal
Pune (International Tournament)1996 1 Silver Medal
Patiala (International Competition)1997 1 Gold Medal
Fukoka (Asian competition)



1 gold, 1 silver & 2 bronze medals
New Delhi (Raja Bhalendra Singh race event)2 gold and 1 silver medal
Bangkok (Asian competition)1 silver medal
Kathmandu (Asian competition)19991 Gold and 2 Silver Medals
New Delhi (Raja Bhalendra Singh race event)19991 gold and 2 silver medals