My Pet Dog Essay in English for Students and Children


As they say” A dog is the only thing on the earth that loves you more than he loves himself”, dogs are perhaps the most faithful creatures. For ages, they have filled in as the pet creatures of families and dogs.

Considering their extraordinary traits, dogs are known as man’s dearest companion in view of the manner in which canines are faithful and well disposed to their lords. Actually like each dog proprietor, kids love canines more than anything on earth.

It’s not just about youngsters, anybody with an unadulterated heart essentially can not reject that they love canines. Admittedly, trustworthiness and dedication have no match. They are quite possibly the most sacrificial animals and simply love to be around their proprietors.

My lovely pet- Dog

My tamed, lovely and fluffy pet is a dog, who I call stuffy. He isn’t like any other dog in the road, but my stuffy is an extraordinary pet that loves me genuinely.

I found him with my folks when I was strolling from school one day. My pet dog stuffy is unfathomably and genuinely faithful to me.

He adores me however much I love him or now and again more and resembles the best teddy bear to nestle with.

Dogs are the most Extraordinary Creature

My pet submits to my orders rapidly and he is effectively workable. He secures my home, my family & myself when I am separated from everyone else.

He is exceptionally delicate with us however gets amazingly forceful when he recognizes a stranger. He goes with my dad for morning strolls and with me for evening strolls. We furnish him with good food, new milk & meat.

The best and cutest thing about my dog is he cherishes playing, bouncing and running. He is dynamic constantly. Besides, when I am vexed, he brightens me up by licking me and showering heaps of affection. I love him to such an extent.

Dogs can really identify things and moreover they get to know instantly when an individual is a companion or an enemy, and they guard us.

That is the thing that improves canines so much and dogs give us a feeling of passionate prosperity because of the unqualified love they give, which is the reason they’re additionally incredible organization and solace for individuals who live alone.


Canines are superior to people in being sacrificial and unwavering. Canines are the most dependable partners, they’ll never gab your privileged insights. Canines are exceptionally clever, and they’re most likely a lot more brilliant than we still can’t seem to figure it out. They learn stunts, they recollect what you said and they generally hear you out – regardless of whether they don’t do what you say.