Essay on My House for Students and Children


As they say, home is a feeling. No place in this world can be more comfortable and easy than a house. This world comprises a wide range of individuals.

Some are adequately blessed to have conveniences while some aren’t. Home gives security, control, having a place, character, and protection, in addition to other things.

In particular, it’s a spot that gives us a focus from where we leave every morning and to which we return each evening.

Comfortable Home

 The magnificence of my home is quite appreciable and praiseworthy. The vintage vibes make it significantly more excellent. My home has high roofs as it was made numerous years back.

It has vintage switchboards which give it a special look. My home is arranged in four streets. It isn’t joined to some other house. My home has four doors from each side.

At whatever point my companions approach my home, they click a ton of pictures. Indeed, even my family members love the inside of the house which is a blend of present-day and vintage engineering.

My sweet home

To claim a house here is no not exactly an extravagance, one which I fortunately have. I’m honored to be ensured by four dividers and a rooftop.

My cozy house is built with two rooms on the ground floor. The house has an open veranda. My house has a tremendous kitchen and two restrooms which are connected to the rooms.

My home is worked of blocks, concrete, marbles & tiles with every advanced convenience. The rooms of my home are vaporous and very much ventilated with tremendous windows outfitted.

The dividers in my house are painted with light yellow in shading which unquestionably gives a splendid look to the insides. There is an excellent perspective on a jungle gym and park from the overhang.

My home is encircled by a little nursery outside with trees, little plants & blossoms in it. My sweet home is my ideal spot where I feel a sense of safety and agreeable to remain there.