My Garden Essay in English । Essay on my Garden for Class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7


A nursery is a coordinated plot of land close to a house. It is saved for developing new plants, bushes, spices, blossoms, natural products, trees, and so forth is viewed as the most delightful piece of the house where one can enjoy a reprieve from the day-by-day dull life and unwind.

It helps in making and retouching bonds with the relatives. a nursery in the house invites numerous medical advantages.

The nursery can be advantageous in many known and obscure manners. It assumes a huge part in keeping up great wellbeing and a lovely climate.

A beautiful Garden

I have a wonderful nursery adjacent to my home. There is rich green grass in the nursery. The grass is extremely delicate and smooth.

My nursery is loaded with entrancing blossoms – roses, orchids, that look thrive the climate with their delightful scents.

Besides, the shades of these blossoms make a nursery look excellent. The nursery has grass everywhere in the region. Thus, this makes it the best spot for any activity.

Moreover, it has a delicate ground where kids can play various games. This guarantees that they don’t get injured regardless of whether they tumble down while playing.

Further, my nursery has a swing too which is my top pick. Since I can go through hours swinging on it and don’t get exhausted.

Garden is Beneficial

All these vivid blossoms, plants & grass give the nursery an enrapturing look when the cool and brilliant daylight falls on them toward the beginning of the day and evening time.

My mother keeps an eye on every one of the plants and trees of the nursery routinely in the first part of the day and my sister and I play in the nursery in the evening.

They give outside air and indigenous habitat. They amount to the excellence of homes. a nursery a treat to the eyes, yet in addition a gift to us as it gives us a chance to develop new vegetables and natural products.