my father is my hero essay in english


Every father has a special place in his life for his children. But with his way of life surpassing the inspiration for some of his people, he is like a hero to his children.

Every child loves his father, but not everyone can call his father a hero. He was fortunate to have his father who inspired him and for this reason, he saw him as a hero.

Father’s lesson

My father believes in living a simple life. Although they have a good income and can afford luxury cars and big bungalows, they still live in small flats.

Their needs are less and we also teach their value. He believes that one should spend a part of his salary to do any social work.

My father is also part of a non-profit organization dedicated to providing food and education to children.

My Dad My Hero

My father is my teacher, my hero & my good friend. He stands with me at every stage of his life and supports me in all my decisions. They have taught me a lot.

Every Saturday they meet orphaned children and distribute things and other food items in them. He also provides free mathematics classes to these students in charity schools run by the organization.

They have taught us how to share and care for goods. My sister and I have inherited their values. We also did many things to bring a smile to the faces of these children.

This is true happiness for us. We cannot feel such happiness by eating good food in any restaurant.