health is wealth essay in english for students



We may have heard this phrase ‘Health is wealth’ many times, but even today no one knows its true meaning and importance.

Because in today’s time, anyone goes to the doctors to cure any kind of disease related to their health. But no one knows that if we take care of our health ourselves, we do not need to go to the doctor ever in life.

Perhaps then we can understand the meaning and importance of this phrase ‘Health is wealth’. If we want to keep our life physically and mentally healthy and healthy, then we have to take care of our health.

Stay away from Junk Food

If you want to be completely healthy, then you must first stay away from junk food. Because junk food may be tasty to eat, but it is a home for many diseases. Which includes many serious diseases.

Like obesity, many diseases like diabetes. You can eat whatever you eat, but this junk food hollows you inside. Many people always eat junk food, but still, they do not have any disease.

So they think, junk food is a good thing to eat. But such people should always keep in mind that if you eat today or tomorrow, you may be exposed to serious diseases by eating this at some time or the other.

Healthy food Intake

For good health, you should always eat healthy food. Because junk food can only fill the stomach. But with that, you cannot make your health. On the contrary, in healthy food, our body needs genes, all those things are in it.

That is why if a person always consumes only junk food in lieu of healthy food, that person never stays healthy, only lives for name only.

Because that person can never become a victim of serious illness due to not taking care of his health. So we have to live our lives in a healthy and healthy manner, so we must always eat healthy food.

Some changes for a healthy lifestyle

If you want to take care of your health, then you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle. For which you need to make any changes in your life.

Like you have to adopt some good habits and live a disciplined life in order to live a healthy life. Such as exercising regularly, abstaining from junk food, abstaining from drugs, eating healthy food.

You have to bring some such good changes to your life. Only then you can live a healthy life.


The healthy life we ​​have got is a huge boon from this nature. Which we have to take care of Because our health is an inseparable component of our life. Which gives us a good life for a long time. In this world, you can buy many problems with money, but not good health. Rather, you have to be responsible for achieving good health.