Flood Essay for Students and Children



Flooding occurs due to heavy rain, water overflow of water bodies such as rivers and oceans, melting glaciers, storms & strong winds on coastal coasts.

This water causes flooding when there is a lack of a good drainage system to drain excess water.

Endangered life

Many people and animals lose their lives due to severe floods. Due to this many people get injured and get infected with various diseases.

In many places, the water that is collected for breeding mosquitoes and other insects is the cause of various diseases like malaria and dengue.

Recently there has been an increase in cases of dysentery, pneumonic plague & military fever.

Power cut

Nowadays electricity and water supply has been disrupted due to which the problems of the general public are increasing. There is also a danger of catching current in places where the power supply is intact.

Economic loss

Many people lose their homes and other properties such as cars, motorcycles, which take years to buy. This is a matter of concern for the government as many policemen, firemen & other officers are to be deployed for property rescue operations. It takes years to remodel the affected areas in cases of severe flooding.

Price Rise

The supply of goods in flood-affected areas is reduced because road transport cannot reach there. In addition, goods stored in these areas also deteriorate due to flooding. There is a shortage of supply and demand is high and thus the prices of goods rise.

Soil Erosion

When torrential rains occur, the soil is not able to absorb the entire water and this often leads to soil erosion which has terrible consequences. In addition to soil erosion, soil quality is also affected.

The tree

Floods are not only a threat to humans and animals but also to vegetation. Heavy rains are often accompanied by thunder, lightning & strong winds.

One reason for uprooting trees is storms. In addition, crops are damaged during floods and many other plants are also destroyed.

Flood affected areas in India

Year after year many areas of India have to face the problem of floods. Major areas affected by this natural disaster in the country are North Bihar, Uttar Pradesh & West Bengal, Mumbai, Maharashtra, parts of Punjab and Haryana, coastal Andhra Pradesh and Odisha, Brahmaputra Valley & most of the Gangetic Plains including South Gujarat. Floods at these places have caused severe damage in the past and still face danger.


Floods are one of the natural disasters that have caused major destruction in various areas. The time has come that the Government of India should take this problem seriously and take strict steps to control this problem.