Essay on Quality in English for Student & Children


Whatever things are in this world, whether those things are natural or manmade. All those things have quality. Like a tree that is completely natural. Due to which we get fresh air, cool shade & fruits to eat. All this is the quality of the tree.

Likewise, the education system which is completely man-made. A person writes studies in it. Due to which they get work according to their quality after growing up. Quality is an important component of our life.

Need Quality

We also work to win in our lives. Quality is seen in that too. All of us get our work according to our quality. If a human being is an engineer. So he will get work according to his quality.

If a human being is a doctor, he will also get the quality work of a doctor. When we are in school. So all of us have to take the exam every year to go to the next class. Based on the quality of the same exam, we get to go to the next class.

If the quality is good then it goes to the next class and the one which gets less quality is put in the same class. In this way, quality is the object of its work.

Importance of Quality

Quality is very important in your life. Quality is the quality that can make any type of thing. This helps in making such things as good, good, very good, bad, very bad.

Because of which people get easy to take that thing. Therefore, quality is very important for all of us. So that we can differentiate anything between good and bad.

Two types of Quality

We all know that a coin has two sides. One aspect is known as Kat and the other aspect is known as Chhapra. Similarly, quality also has two sides. There are two such types of good quality and bad quality.

If a person does bad work, it is always counted in bad quality and if any person does good work, then it is counted in good quality. In this way, there are two types of quality.

Quality Ability

Quality is able to distinguish good and evil in everything. If a person buys something from the market. So first of all, that person checks the quality of that thing. If that thing will be good i.e. the quality of that thing will be good, then that person buys that thing.

If the quality of that thing turns out to be bad, then that person will never buy it. This is the reason that people always buy anything with a good brand company.