essay on wonder of science in english for Students & Children


Researchers have developed a few things and machines huge and little through the perception of basic occasions water bubbling in steers has given us the possibility of railroad motor, falling off an apple from a tree has assisted Newton with finding the law of gravity.

Power is the best development of man. Science serves us in hundreds and thousands of ways it runs our trains, Mills & plants. Power cools and keeps our home warm. Present-day life is unthinkable without power.

Numerous logical developments have made our life entirely agreeable. Power is the best development of science. It serves us from numerous points of view. Present-day life is unthinkable without these logical creations.

Modes of Communication and Transport

Various modes like Trains, Buses, vehicles & planes have made our movement simpler, agreeable, and faster. A person can arrive at any piece of the world instantly.

A cell phone is a superb assistance for men. With the presentation of significant distance calls through STD, ISD & PCO (Subscriber Trunk Dialing, International Subscriber Dialing & Public Call Office ) Calls.

We can converse with our companions and family members living a long way from us.

Science and Medical field

Science has restored man from extremely shocking illnesses. T. B. and malignant growth have been reduced to almost zero. It has made man better. In the field of medical procedure to science have done marvels. Open heart medical procedures and Heart-transplantation have gotten conceivable.

Medical procedures can include cutting, rubbing, stitching, or in any case genuinely changing body tissues and organs. Scientists have designed PCs. PCs are likewise incredible creations of science.

They are encouraging us a ton in a few fields. They make estimation at incredible speed. These are superb developments. PCs can do complex estimations and work quickly. They have tackled numerous issues of the man.

Disadvantages of Sciences

Everything has different sides and science also has a clouded side. The creation and creation of nuclear bombs and other hazardous weapons are a danger to the presence of mankind on the planet.

They can obliterate large urban areas and kill numerous people in almost no time. Enormous industrial facilities and different machines have made water and air contaminated. Science is an extraordinary partner to current man.

On the off chance that appropriately utilized, it can make the existence of man better and more joyful. Man is known as an expert in the world due to science.