Essay on Women Empowerment for Students – Read Here



Women’s empowerment means empowering women to be able to make decisions for themselves. Many centuries ago, women had little existence.

But as time went by, women realized their existence and power. Since then, there have been agitations for the social upliftment of women.

Earlier women were not allowed to make decisions or even had the freedom to dream of flying in the open sky.

Male-dominated society

The tradition of a male-ruled society in our country has been going on for centuries. There, women always had to depend on them.

This is why women are being made aware of their rights today. Women face many atrocities at social and family levels.

Despite doing similar work in many fields, women are paid less money than men. The spirit of this method draws the line of inequality between men and women in society.

Unforeseen obstacles in the development

The cause of countless obstacles in front of the progress of women is responsible for social or unknown. In many villages, girls are not even being given the facility to study.

The educational rate of women in India is lower than that of men. Behind this is the thinking of a conservative society which prevents women from moving forward.

But today the Government of India has started many campaigns like Beti Padhao and Beti Bachao so that there is no obstacle in the education of girls.

Equal Rights

Women are more educated and employed in urban areas. But due to the illiteracy of women in rural areas, they are making a living by making daily wages in agriculture and other areas.

In many places, it has been found that despite having qualifications, women are given less income than men. As much of the right is given to men, the right should be given to women as well.

Atrocities on women and their problems

We have to go a long way to get women free from these atrocities and problems. In order to get women their rights, firstly the wrong mindset towards the women of the society has to be removed.

Thinking will change only then India will change in the country. Due to the dowry practice happening in the coming days, the killing of women keeps us shaking. Yon violence, female feticide in which the mother is forced to kill her unborn girl child in the stomach.

Female feticide is a condemnable crime. This is not increasing the number of girls. This reflects a kind of negative mindset against women.

Voice against violence

Domestic violence in which husbands and their families torture women. Disgusting cases like human trafficking make us complicit. What is happening with women? His tolerance test is being done. Now women do not bear all these actions and injustice but raise their voices.

Stringent laws and rights have been enacted by the government to eradicate the bad treatment and disharmony in domestic violence against women.

Nowadays, the Women’s Commission is very serious about these laws of women and many social workers and NGOs take part in this and raise their voice against the atrocities against women. Nowadays women are very cautious about their rights.

Priority to women’s thinking, education & security

There is nothing that women cannot do. Nowadays, women play independently at home and office. There is no area where women have not proved their ability.

Empowerment of women in the right way is possible only when we ensure the safety and education of women and at the same time give priority to their thinking as much as society has given to the thinking of men.

Child marriage

Misdeeds like child marriage are still going on in rural areas. Marriage of girls at an early age is a legal offense and hinders the education of girls.

Violations of the rules of the Government of India are being seen in many places. The decision of men in the house is considered to be the final decision. Society does not care to think about what women want.


Women empowerment is most needed in India. Women are still not safe in many parts of India. Women are not allowed to pursue higher education on many occasions. They get married soon and men dominate women in some areas and make every effort to suppress their thinking. Due to these reasons, women are unable to complete their education even in many parts.