Essay on Winter Season in English for Students & Children



Winter is one of the four seasons in India. Winters are the coldest season that starts from mid of November and keeps going till February. The rush hour when winter is experienced the most extreme is in December and January.

In India, The season which ordinarily endures around a quarter of a year is brought about by the colder time of year stricken zone being farthest away from the sun in the world’s circle around it. wintertimes hold incredible significance.

Advantages of Winter Season

Winters permit you to delight in different activities like a snowball battle, playing with snow, ice hockey and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It is an amazing time for kids to make the most of their days off and get settled in their covers.

During winters, schools typically enjoy a reprieve and close down. The days are more limited and the evenings get longer. The nippy mornings give you an alternate sense out and out. Hot beverages like espresso, tea, and hot cocoa are appreciated additional during winters.

In the bumpy zones, individuals experience snow during winters. They need to scoop it far removed to clear a path for strolling. The pith of winters is improved by Christmas also. It sets the occasion disposition for individuals and is respected everywhere in the world.

Winters give you an opportunity to enjoy different exercises like snowball battling, building snowmen, ice hockey & then some.

Disadvantages of Winter Season

there is additionally a drawback to this season. The ranchers, individuals who don’t have havens, and animals are most affected by this season.

There is scarcely any business for ranchers in this season. Many vagrants bite the dust because of the coolest winters. As the creatures don’t have a fair safe houses, they also lose their lives.

Numerous flights are likewise disposed of during this season. Yet, this doesn’t make winter any less significant. It is quite fundamental to keeping up security in the climate of our country.