Essay on Western Culture and Indian Culture


Modern culture is to think and walk about your life by taking a different view. The desire to keep oneself happy and to get one’s own personal happiness is characteristic of modern culture. The purpose of modern culture is the disdain of nature and the legal practices of the state since ancient times.

In today’s time, the entire society of India is forgetting its culture. In which everyone is forgetting their dress, food & customs. The main reason for this is the influence of Western culture.

Because we are forgetting our culture and adopting the ways of western countries. Due to which all the people of our country are forgetting their ancient culture. Therefore, we should be careful in time and try to save our culture.

Perpetuity and Continuity

Since ancient times, Indian culture has retained its original form by adopting the useful elements of anti-invasion cultures.
Harassment of its ancient thinking system, hatred of its cultural environment, development of an aggressive attitude towards its traditions is the result of western culture.

Private Life

Modern culture values ​​its personal life. Because modern culture is popular everywhere. Students are on a rebellion, employees are on strike & power is spreading terror.

On the other hand, family unity is being destroyed in private life. The daughter-in-law feels bad about the family because of the compromised spirit of the collective family.

Collection Trend Development

In today’s time, all people who have a tendency to accumulate wealth and property. Which is a part of modern culture? By mixing various substances, fill the safes, smuggling & making his next generation also wealthy, making the guards of the law with bribes. With the help of lawmakers, postmortem of law and reverse the decision in your favor.


Talking about the costumes of our Indian culture, suits, saris, kurta-pajamas, etc. are worn here. In contrast, Western culture is dressed in pants-shirts, skirt-tops, etc. When the British first came to India, they were attracted to the dress here.

I have always seen that when English people come to India, they were first attracted to the dress here. Similarly, when an Indian goes abroad, he is also attracted to the dress there but simultaneously adopts that dress.

The mistake in this is that of an Indian who is leaving his dress and adopting the dress of another country. It depends on the person who is leaving his dress and adopting the dress of another country. There is no fault of Western culture anywhere in this.

Social Status

In earlier times all people were colored in the cultural colors of their country. Cultural color means the ideals, principles, ideas, thinking & behavior of our country.  Therefore, all the people of that time were themselves the custodians of the culture of their country. But in today’s time, everyone is confused by the glare of Western culture.

Due to which all of them have started feeling backward in Indian culture. Whether it is music or beauty, inspiration, or the field of politics or status symbol, the negative thinking in the western culture of youth in all areas is beginning to become clear.

If you survey the cars running fast on the streets of metros today, you will find that the music playing on the fast tunes in every other car is pop music. Playing such tunes has become a sign of walking with the world for the youth.