Essay on the importance of water in English for Student – Read Here



Every creature and creature that lives on this earth, need water to live. Plants get many beneficial elements from the soil, which require water to be nourished.

Water plays a very important role to quench the thirst of other organisms. Apart from this, water has an important role for every organism in need of drinking, food production, cleaning and washing of clothes & many other things.

Several types of water usage:

Water for drinking plays an important role for the creature to survive. For these reasons, the first use of water comes from drinking.

In cooking

Water is also considered to be of great use in cooking household food. There are many types of meals and cuisines, such as lentils, rice, soup & many others which require a lot of water.

Moreover, an additional quantity of water is also required to produce other types of vegetables and fruits, they are washed very properly before cooking and cooking.


Whether it is cleaning the house, office, car, machinery or anything for that matter, it is not possible without using water. Water is required for all cleaning operations.


Water is also needed to wash clothes, utensils & many other things.


Water is also required for the purpose of sanitation. It helps in maintaining cleanliness.


A large part of the water on Earth is used for agricultural purposes. It is mainly used for the irrigation of fields to keep the land fertile and to ensure an adequate supply of crops. Along with this, it is also used to raise animals.


Industries use water for various purposes. Many products require water in manufacturing. It is used in the transportation, manufacture & processing of various products.

Some industries require a good amount of water including pulp, paper & engineering industries.

Why is the water cycle important?

Water is needed for organisms to survive and breathe. Whether it is trees, plants, animals, or humans, water is needed for everyone’s life.

Most trees and animals need water to be used more or for living. Be it any creature – plants, creatures, etc. Many feel the need for water for the purpose.

If no means exist for the methods of the cycle of water, then the water or water will disappear from the whole earth.


Water is used for various purposes in homes and offices. It is as essential for other living beings as it is for humans. It is impossible to imagine life without water.