Essay on Technology for Student & Children


innovation alludes to the utilization of specialized and logical information to make, screen, and plan hardware. Likewise, innovation helps in making different merchandise that guides humanity.

As they are totally various fields however they are reliant on one another. Additionally, the innovation covered far to make human existence simpler yet the negative part of it can’t be disregarded.

Throughout the long term, mechanical progression has caused a serious ascent in contamination.

Advantages of Technology

Routinely developing innovation has become a significant piece of our lives. Additionally, fresher innovations are overwhelming the market & individuals are becoming acclimated to them quickly.

Most importantly, innovative progression has prompted the development and advancement of countries.

Disadvantages of Technology

innovation isn’t hurtful to people until it is utilized appropriately. Be that as it may, abuses of innovation can be hurtful and lethal. Today, all that we use in our day-by-day life is an endowment of innovation and without which we can’t envision our lives. Likewise, we can’t reject the reality that it has made extreme harm to our environmental factors.

A few groups may contend that innovation can get hindering after some time. This is upheld by the way that our innovation has definitely changed the earth. Most innovative squanders don’t disintegrate and wind up debasing the dirt or water around them.

Other innovative developments, like diesel motors, coal-fueled motors siphon out huge amounts of ozone-depleting substances. Therefore, the ice covers are softening and the ocean levels are rising. Notwithstanding, the designers didn’t predict the cataclysmic results of their creations.

Types of Technology

Overall, technology has been divided into many spheres. Let’s look at them below-

Industrial Technology

This innovation puts together designing and assembling innovation for the assembling of machines. Likewise, this makes the creation cycle simpler and helpful. This interaction incorporates craftsmanship, publicizing, and item plan which are made with the assistance of programming.

Creative Technology

Separated that, it is consisting of augmented reality, PC designs, and other wearable innovations.

Information Technology

This innovation includes the utilization of telecom and PC to send, get and store data. The web is the best illustration of Information innovation.


Innovation is probably the best device for humanity, be that as it may, it can possibly be abused. Innovation can likewise make a few positions become out of date, causing joblessness. Besides, current innovation needs to zero in on being more eco-accommodating and limit their carbon impressions. This is the best way to guarantee that innovation doesn’t bring about the obliteration of our normal assets and in the long run, our planet.