essay on swami vivekananda for students & children


Master Vivekananda was an incredible Indian holy person. He was a figure with “high reasoning and straightforward living”. He was an extraordinary devout pioneer, a rationalist, and furthermore an ardent character with standards. Conceived as Narendranath Dutta on twelfth January 1863 in the sacred and heavenly spot of Kolkata.

The child of Shri Vishwanath and mother Bhuvneshwari Devi was called by the name “Narendranath Dutta” in the good ‘old days. Narendra was an offspring of unchallenged skill and scholarly ability who used to take handle of all his school lessons from the start sight.

This greatness was perceived by his Gurus and hence was named “Shrutidhar” by them. He had complex gifts and abilities containing swimming, wrestling which was a piece of his timetable.

Great doings of Swami Vivekananda

Narendra was an admirer of valor and magical nature. Notwithstanding his childhood in an otherworldly family, he claimed a contentious character in his earliest stages. His whole convictions were helped by well-suited reasoning and judgment behind them.

A particularly quality made him even put an inquiry on the presence of the Almighty. Swamiji won the hearts of everybody by his unimaginable discourse at Chicago by tending to the crowd as “Sisters and Brothers of America”

Vivekananda cited these words” I am pleased to have a place with a religion which has shown the world both resilience and general acknowledgment. We accept in all-inclusive resilience as well as we acknowledge all religions as evident.”


A figure of most noteworthy goals and incredible contemplations, Swamiji was a motivation for the Youth of India. Through his lessons, he needed to fill the youthful minds with the forces of self-acknowledgment, character development, to perceive internal qualities, administration to other people, a hopeful viewpoint, energetic endeavors & much more.

Swamiji conveyed the messages of the rich and fluctuated legacy of Indian culture and Hinduism, non-duality, benevolent love, and administration towards the country.

His hypnotizing character with the most noteworthy temperances enlightened the youthful personalities. His lessons excited the acknowledgment of the force of the spirit in them.