essay on should plastic be banned for students & children in English


Plastic is that essential substance that cannon be decomposed by natural means and subsequently plastic sacks stay in the climate for many years dirtying it tremendously.

It has gotten exceptionally vital to boycott plastic sacks before they ruin our planet totally. There are numerous nations around the planet that have either put a restriction on the plastic pack or put the charge on it.

However, the issue hasn’t been tackled totally in light of the fact that the execution of these measures hasn’t been as effective.

Usage of plastic bags by people

Albeit the Indian government has forced a prohibition on the utilization of plastic sacks in numerous states. However, individuals are as yet conveying these packs.

Businesspeople quit giving plastic sacks to not many days just to start with. It is time when we as a whole should contribute our cycle to make this boycott a triumph.

Along these lines, we the informed part of society should accept it as our obligation to quit utilizing plastic sacks. Thusly, we can uphold the public authority in this mission.

Why plastic bags are harmful to the nation?

There are various reasons why the public authority of different nations has concocted exacting measures to restrict the utilization of plastic sacks.

  • Squander plastic packs are dirtying the land and water hugely.
  • Plastic packs have become a danger to the daily routine of creatures experiencing on earth just as in water.
  • Synthetic substances delivered by squander plastic packs enter the dirt and make it fruitless.
  • Plastic sacks are contrarily affecting human wellbeing.
  • Plastic sacks lead to the waste issue.

Pay attention to its effects

To be fruitful in this mission, we should continue to remind ourselves about the hurtful impacts of the plastic sacks on our temperament and keep a tab on their utilization.

Continuously, we will get constant to managing without these sacks. There are numerous eco-accommodating options in contrast to plastic packs like reusable jute or material sack.

We should reuse the plastic packs we as of now have at home however many occasions as we can prior to discarding them.

Proper awareness

While the public authority is spreading mindfulness about the destructive impacts of plastic sacks, we can likewise spread mindfulness through verbal.

Albeit plastic is turning into a major danger for us all, still, this issue has regularly been ignored and disparaged. This is on the grounds that individuals don’t take a gander at the drawn-out impact of these little, simple convey sacks they use in their regular daily existence.

Other than these individuals continue to utilize sacks because of their accommodation. Be that as it may, presently everybody needs to totally quit utilizing the plastic pack to save our current circumstance and earth.


We use plastic bags a lot in our daily life. Therefore these plastic bags are cheap and easily available in the market. But it is very much fatal for our health and for all other organisms. So the government has banned plastic, but we all the common people should also cooperate in their path.