Essay on Science for Students and Children


Science and technology are an important part of our day-to-day life. We wake up in the morning with our alarm clocks ringing and turn off our lights at night and go to bed.

All these luxuries that we are able to afford are the result of science and technology. Most importantly, we do all this in a short period of time as it is possible only due to the progress of science and technology.

The importance of science can be judged from the fact that now science has also made a place in the curriculum of a child of class one.

Help to improve the future

It is a science that teaches us about our solar system. There are 8 planets and the Sun in the Solar System. The most notable is that it also tells us about the origin of our planet. Above all, we cannot deny that science helps us in creating our future. But it not only tells us about our future, but it also tells us about our past.

Three subcategories of science

When the student reaches class 6, science is divided into three more subcategories. These subcategories are Physics, Chemistry & Biology. First, physics taught us about machines. Physics is an interesting subject. This is a logical subject.

The second subcategory is ‘Chemistry’. Chemistry is a subject that deals with the element found inside the Earth. And it helps in making various products. Products like medicine and cosmetics etc. result in human benefit.

The third subcategory is the most interesting ‘biology’. Which teaches us about our human body. It tells us about its various parts. Apart from this, it also teaches students about cells. Science is so advanced that it has also told us that, cells are present in human blood.


With the help of science, the treatment of many incurable diseases has become possible. Science has made unique progress in the field of medicine. The science which has not been possible to think before has been made possible by science today. An X-ray machine captures the inner picture of a human. Has science developed amazing technology?

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