Essay on role of human activities in global warming for student & Children


Global warming is the result of an increase in average temperature near the Earth’s surface over the past several years.

Greenhouse gases made by human activity include carbon dioxide, methane, nitro oxide, and fluoride gas. This greenhouse gas is the most prominent gas, which contributes to the rising temperature.

Scientists around the world have accumulated a large amount of evidence. This makes it clear that human activities are very responsible for global warming.

Man’s role in global warming

Global warming usually results in a large increase in the Earth’s temperature as a result of the greenhouse effect. We, humans, are inhuman to our nature. We increase the temperature of the Earth by releasing greenhouse gases to run modern life. Our earth is a beautiful place with oceans, mountains, forests, snow-covered mountains, agriculture, etc. but this beauty of the earth is lost with climate change due to human activity.

Factors influencing global warming are burning fossil fuels, oil & gas. They emit a dangerous greenhouse gas, which heats the Earth’s temperature. Forest cutting is another major reason for increasing this global warming. Because the tree absorbs carbon dioxide and provides oxygen. The cultivation of sheep, cattle & goats largely left greenhouse gases, known as methane.

In a few centuries, humans have dramatically changed the Earth’s temperature, resulting in global warming. It must be a balance between radiation, which is derived from the Earth’s space & radiation. Who returns to space. 30% radiation is reflected back into space with clouds, snow, and other reflective surfaces.

Global warming

Our current problem is to increase the concentration of greenhouse gases because of human activity. Because burning fossil fuels, using natural resources, cleaning forests, agriculture, etc.

Greenhouse gases contain chemicals such as carbon dioxide, nitro oxide, ozone, methane, water vapor, and CFC, which are fatal to the Earth’s environment and the entire ecosystem.


Global warming is a kind of widespread problem that needs to be solved. The government has implemented a climate change solution, but we need to drive our new ways by conserving energy in many ways every day. To reduce the effects of global warming, it is important to spread the news about it among the community. The remaining 70% of the radiation is absorbed from the land, oceans, and atmosphere. When the Earth is hot, it creates heat in the form of thermal radiation. Which comes out of the atmosphere in space. Without atmospheric balance, the Earth would be cold like the Moon or heat like Venus.