essay on rabindranath tagore for students & Children


Rabindranath Tagore is highly regarded as the Poet of Bengal and is hailed as quite possibly the most conspicuous Indian Poets. Tagore’s extraordinary commitment to the universe of Literature procured him the lofty Nobel Prize in Literature.

His stanzas and expositions are viewed as interesting in their manner that the perusers can relate to their everyday lives. Tagore was brought into the world in a first-class group of Calcutta and was the most youthful of the thirteen kin.

He was not the most brilliant of understudy during his school life, yet there was consistently an imaginative sparkle in him, which made proper learning hard for him, and he hated the idea of study hall tutoring.

History of Rabindranath Tagore

He got extraordinary old-style music exercises from proficient artists, who were sent by his dad. Tagore’s family had an instructive twisted of the brain, which made him stand apart from the rest.

His incredible ability in depicting the genuine territory of Bengal pulled in the mass. In his accounts, he attempted to reflect what he saw and felt as opposed to composing unrealistic stories.

He had utilized his works as a weapon to break liberated from the shackles of the customary society and assisted with building a cutting edge and consistent society. His work is enjoyed and valued everywhere in the world and has been converted into endless dialects.

His great doings

Tagore was very vocal about his perspectives on various political developments. He was more on the side of the scholarly upliftment, and his perspectives regularly tangled with Mahatma Gandhi and other famous political pioneers.

Tagore was not for the Swadeshi Movement and Globalization was something that fundamentally affected him in any event, during the nineteenth century. He was enthusiastic to the point that he had returned the Honorary Knighthood grant as a challenging the Jallianwala Bagh Tragedy.

The disappointment of the conventional training framework in England roused him to begin the “Vishwabharati University” in Santiniketan, which was at first a school that offers a well-disposed climate for the understudies to examine and investigate their inventiveness. The consummation of the legend’s life was excruciating. He was invaded by 2 stretched assaults of affliction and was influenced by a debilitating problem.


Tagore was a phenomenal essayist who was resolved to get solid changes society. During the opportunity battle, his philosophies didn’t coordinate with Gandhi and numerous acclaimed loyalists. He was profoundly crippled by the conventional schooling framework, which motivated him to develop a foundation, not at all like others, and this is the way the world-celebrated “Viswabharati University” was shaped.