Essay on picnic with family for student & children


Picnic is one of the best steps to enjoy during the holidays. On tent slopes, agriculture, or mountain slopes near bodies of water, picnics are always fun with the family. Because you can spend quality time with them.

A memorable picnic

Last summer our family had an unforgettable picnic at the nearest water park. The day we first talked about going to the picnic, the adrenaline rush had started flowing in us.

During the picnic preparation, the flow of happiness among the family is at its peak. Everyone is excited about this outdoor adventure. However, the day had come.

When we all went out of our house and immediately went for a picnic. For which we have loaded our car with lots of things. Every family member is very excited about the family picnic. We are all in a different way.

Picnic spot

Ultimately, we achieve our goals. Upon reaching the ticket window, the children of the family started jumping with joy. When we bought the tickets, the children started to bother to wait. Then we entered the adventure place waiting for a picnic with my family.

Once we entered it, the beauty of this place welcomed the cool breeze on our faces. We dress and enter the pool. The coolness of the water is soothing. Every park brings a smile to everyone’s face. Then everyone returns to their childhood. Then I was a 3-year-old kid when I first entered the pool.

Then I am the happiest among all. After spending a lot of time playing with water, we all stepped out of the pool. A family picnic is an unforgettable time. The children of the families started making a list of all the things they wanted to eat. We all ordered our favorite dishes and waited for dinner.

The awaited time is mostly torture. And finally, our hot and delicious meal arrived. We really attacked him like a hungry animal. All is silence 30 minutes ahead. Everyone is enjoying their modesty at the picnic with the families. We finished the meal and went home.


Even though the picnic ends with family life. But even then it still remains in memory. In which we have spent all the good times together with our family. Many beautiful images will always be with us in our memories in this good time. So I will soon plan my family for the next picnic so that I can celebrate the shared love and happiness with my family.