Essay on Peacock for Students and Children


Peacocks are the most beautiful birds on the planet. They have grace in their dancing which gives a stunning view to the eye. Peacocks hold the crest of the national bird of India.

This graceful green bird conveys colossal public significance in our entire nation. Generally vital, the bird is well known for its excellent dynamic tones. The Peacock is well known for its stupendous magnificence.

It positively has an entrancing appearance. When peacocks dance during the Monsoon season, it surprisingly gives an extraordinary joy insight. Its lovely tones in a flash give more solace to the eyes.

Attributes of Peacocks

Peacocks are one of the most loved and watched species known by people. Needless to say, they have an amazingly wonderful appearance. Because of this, the bird gets a gigantic appreciation from around the planet.

In other words, their length extends the tip of the snout to the furthest limit of the train is 195 to 225 cm. To add to the list more, their normal weight is 5 kg.

Generally important, the head, neck, and bosom of the Peacock are of glowing blue tone. They additionally have patches of white around the eyes.

Nature of Peacock

The Peacock is renowned for the gracious exquisite showcase of plumes. The Peacocks extend their train and quiver it for romance purposes. Additionally, the number of eyespots in a male’s romance adds a spark to the mating achievement.

Peacocks are one of the omnivorous species. Likewise, they live in little gatherings. A gathering most likely has a solitary male and 3-5 females.

They generally stay on the upper parts of a tall tree to get away from hunters. Peacocks like to run rather than take a flight when in harm’s way. Generally critical, Peacocks are very light-footed by walking.


To summarize, Peacock is a bird of entrancing appeal. It is unquestionably a captivating beautiful bird that has been the pride of India for quite a long time.

Peacock displays perfect magnificence. Because of this, they have been a wellspring of motivation for specialists.

Giving a closer glance at this bird gives pleasure to the heart. Peacock has become a genuine part of India’s fauna. It positively is the pride of India.