Essay on Patriotism for Students in English



Patriotism means patriotism in our minds towards our country. This patriotism happens inside every citizen of that country. This country’s love motivates every citizen to work selflessly towards his country and to move his country forward on the path of development.

Patriots of that country have a hand behind the development of any developed country in this world. Because any country is a developed country only when citizens keep their country’s interest first and then think about their interest later.

Patriotism is the only thing through which a country is always strong under any circumstances. We can see such patriotism in the minds of the soldiers fighting at the border of the country. Those who are ready to give their lives for their country.

Love for the country

We always call our country our birthplace or motherland. Because this is the place where we are born.

After which this motherland nurtures us all and helps us to move forward on the path of development. That’s why we should love our country as much as we do with our mother.

For which we should have patriotism for our country. Only then can we transform our country into a developed country.


During the British rule, many people came forward to instill a sense of patriotism within their countrymen. At that time those patriots held meetings. Which he used many examples while giving speeches to inspire those around him.

After which all the people of the country started opposing British rule. Therefore, when children are younger, a sense of patriotism should be instilled in them.

Many institutes of the country organize many programs on 15 August and 26 January, patriotic songs are sung in them & during that time the spirit of patriotism surrounds the whole country.

Such an atmosphere should always be in general and not only around these special dates. Only then will these feelings sit in the heart of every citizen forever.


The true patriot of his country is a person who makes his full contribution by working as hard as possible to improve the condition of his country. That person not only works towards building his country. But also motivates those around him to do the same.