Essay on Noise Pollution for Class 8



There is every kind of pollution on our earth, which is causing harm to the entire environment located on the earth. One of which is sound pollution.

It is such a form of pollution that creates a loud sound in the premises around you. Which causes our headache. Some of the main sources of this sound pollution are included.

From which sound pollution is produced. Such as noise from road traffic, noise due to construction work, industrial noise, construction noise from domestic producers in daily life.

Bad urban planning

Poor urban planning is one of the main causes of noise pollution. Because some countries are like this. Where there is a large population, it becomes a poor urban scheme.

Which is the main cause of noise pollution spreading in the atmosphere there. The reason for this is that due to the large population here, houses of very small size are built in less space.

In which more family members live together in a small house. Which makes more noise. This causes poor urban planning that causes noise pollution.

Listening to loud music

In today’s modern era, people like to listen to and play music in a very loud voice. But they do not know that this is also a cause of noise pollution.

Because listening to very fast music has a very bad effect on our health. Meaning fast music acts like slow poison.

For example, listening to music in a loud voice daily affects a person’s ability to listen slowly. It is only caused by this type of noise pollution.

Many problems with noise pollution

We have to face many types of problems with noise pollution. Due to this our health also deteriorates. Like listening to music in a loud voice. Due to which our hearing power gradually decreases. Because our ears can hear only a certain amount of sound.

So if we listen to music in a very loud voice every day, then it becomes a very big reason for our ears problems. Because it is outside of our tolerance of hearing power, it makes the ear curtains useless.

Along with this, there are many other problems due to which there is noise pollution. Such as lack of sleep due to a loud voice, high blood pressure, the problem of conversation due to a loud voice, weakness, tension, etc.


There are many ways and means by which noise pollution can be prevented. For example, in areas such as industries and factories, the construction of soundproofing rooms should be away from residential buildings, replacing the old and bad pipes of motorcycles with new ones. This will reduce the noise pollution produced by motorcycles. Banning high-volume vehicles. Areas surrounding educational institutions and hospitals should be declared as noise-free areas. In this way, there are many other ways and measures, due to which we can get rid of noise pollution.