Essay on No Pain No Gain in English for Student & Children


You must have heard the saying “No Pain, No Gain”, it is also sometimes called “No Gain without Pain”. This means you do not get fruits without suffering. To get anything in life one has to work hard, one has to work hard.

There is no benefit without hard work. This is the law of life. Here, continuous labor has to be done. Pain refers to labor, struggle & risk in this idiom. After the birth of a child, he has to work hard and struggle till he dies.

The only one who survives on earth is the best. Every living has to struggle to live. One has to wander from here to there in search of food. Nothing is found on the earth on its own. Nature teaches us to do labor.

Farmer’s life

The life of the farmer gives us the message that even without laboring, food cannot be obtained. The farmer works in the fields under hard sunlight to get food. Faces winter, summer, rain, harvest by working hard in the fields.

Only then does he get food? Nothing is found without labor. The farmer also has to invest money to sow the crop. In this way, his hard work and money are also at stake. Only by taking both these risks does he get the benefit.

Player life

The life of the player also gives the message of labor. A player works hard throughout the year. In practice, he sweats his blood. Only then does he win any award at a national or international level. If the player becomes lazy and sits down, will he be able to perform well in a game? You tell me

Businessman’s life

Pain means the risk for the businessman. The merchant invests his capital in trade. Sometimes he is harmed and sometimes he is benefited. No businessman wants to make a loss in his business, but this is the fact of life.

To get something, some risk has to be taken. You must have heard the phrase “higher the risk, higher the profit”. The greater the risk, the greater the profit. The business follows this principle.

Mother’s life

You guys must be wondering what hard work, struggle & risk a mother takes. But friends have to risk their lives to give birth to a child. Many pregnant women in our country die while giving birth.

Women who are pregnant for the first time know this thing very well. Yet she risks her life to have children. This gives us the message that risk has to be taken in every sphere of life.

Student life

The student’s life also teaches how to work hard. A student studies day and night to clear the exam. Many students do not sleep at night. They keep studying throughout the night.

Is it possible if all the students to sit comfortably and think that without working hard, they get good numbers in the exam? It is clear, no.

Climber life

You guys will know how much risk a mountaineer takes. He climbs high mountains. There is a danger of falling from the mountain all the time. Despite this, he climbs the mountain.

But once he reaches the top of the mountain, he is very happy. From the life of a mountaineer, we also get an education that to get something we have to take some risk.

Animal birds also do labor

The life of the animal bird also teaches us to do labor. Not only humans but all creatures on earth also work hard and labor. They also take many risks. In the forest, the lion chases the deer for their food until Milo.

After much labor, the lion is able to hunt a deer. Then he gets food. Sometimes lions also get hurt. In this way, we get the education to get something we have to take a lot of labor and risk.

All the birds found on earth fly far and wide in search of food. They keep on searching for small insects, grains & other things. In this way, they also have to work to get food. We get an education from the life of animal birds that nothing is gained without labor. Labor is another name for life.

No shortcut to success

Many people keep looking for shortcuts to success. They think that they have to work hard and get success. But friends, the truth is that there is no shortcut to success.

All the people who have been successful today have worked hard at one time or another. In the list of successful people, we can take inspiration from people like Bill Gates, Dhirubhai Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Steve Jobs.

The conclusion

Laziness is man’s worst enemy. People who are lazy can never get anything in life. Whatever development man has done today on the strength of his labor and struggle, all the things that we see all around us, man has obtained through his struggle, man has made roads through the city, rail motor vehicle, airplane Build a road by cutting mountains, build a bridge over the sea, even leave our satellites in space, if humans used to sit lazily, would we have developed so much today