Essay on Nature in English for Students and Children



There is no saying that nature is the best gift for human existence; in any case, these days people neglect to remember it as one.

Nature has been a significant part of the motivation for various artists, journalists, craftsmen & a greater amount of bygone eras. This astounding creation roused them to compose sonnets and stories in its greatness.

Nature adds importance and life to this planet earth. Nature is the treasury of each significant component that supports life on this mother earth.

Role of Nature in our day to day Life

The magnificence of nature is consistently inimitable. Nature has set everything helpful, with request and reason in our life.

The instances of nature in lives are the sparkling waterways, the lovely valleys, superb mountains, flawlessly singing birds, the seas, the blue sky, the progressions of seasons, the downpour, the delightful evening glow & so on Indeed, we can’t tally the gift of nature on the individual.

Nature has delightful assortments on this planet. There are a large number of animals living on this planet. They all are filling a characterized need on this planet.

No animal is futile or out of worth. Each animal, however slithering on earth or flying into the sky, is the magnificence of nature.

What we can do to protect our Mother Nature

To save nature, we should make uncommon strides immediately to forestall any further harm. The main advance is to forestall deforestation at all levels. Chopping down trees has genuine results in various circles. It can cause soil disintegration effectively and furthermore acquire decrease precipitation on a significant level.

Apart from that, Polluting seawater does not make sense at all and it should be carefully denied by all ventures immediately as it causes a great deal of water deficiency. The unreasonable utilization of autos, AC’s and broilers transmit a great deal of Chlorofluorocarbons’ which drains the ozone layer.

This, thus, causes an unnatural weather change which causes warm extension and softening of glacial masses. We satisfy our sound way of life by eating and drinking solid, which nature gives us. Essentially, it gives us water and food that empowers us to do as such.

Besides, Precipitation and daylight are the two most significant events to endure are gotten from nature itself. Nature can be perceived as a “wonder” that includes the actual world and the existence which interfaces with it. It incorporates people and each and every type of life present in the world.


Nature‚Äôs innovation and progress have detrimentally affected the planet. Our environments are changing and temperatures and rising. We are losing our polar icecaps, and accordingly, sea levels are rising. Every one of these components can cause annihilation sooner rather than later in the event that we don’t keep a beware of our carbon impression and deforestation.