Essay on My Self for Students and Childreną„¤ My Self Essay for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


People are the best creation, and every individual is unique in their own way. Consequently, expounding on myself, I’m here to communicate that what I see, what I experience & what I plan for my life.

Everybody is extraordinary in their own way, and when you expound on yourself, you are showing your uniqueness.

It’s one of the manners in which you can advance the things you think about yourself.

My Introduction

I have a proud middle-class family. No one comes into this world, without the help of loved ones.

In reality, whatever you will be, it is a direct result of your family.

My Schooling

I did my tutoring at the best school in Delhi. I feel glad to be a piece of this extraordinary school with the old buddies, supportive and adoring instructor & sound school organization.

My Fondness

Every individual has various side interests, and doing various things gives them bliss. My affection is in understanding books.

I began perusing books when I was in school, and throughout the long term, the propensity is something that has assisted me with learning.

My Hobbies

I have for the longest time been itching to be an explorer. I don’t recollect when I experienced passionate feelings for voyaging, however, throughout the long term, my enthusiasm for voyaging has expanded.

In the course of recent months, I have begun living this fantasy, and it gives me such a lot of delight.

I am Passionate About

There are numerous things I need to learn and need to learn. The primary thing that I need to learn is cooking.

The quantity of things I can make in the kitchen is restricted. Be that as it may, while making those things, I understand the joy and fulfillment are get from cooking.


Summing up, I have consistently been vigorous and enthusiastic. While numerous individuals feel abnormal and bizarre, making me companions, I generally approve of making new companions. I can converse with everybody rapidly and know them.