Essay on my school library for students & Children


The library consists of books and offices, which means – book house. Since we get knowledge, the library can be called ‘Sagar Gyan’.

Similarly, all types of books for students in the library are stored in the same manner as small water in the stored sea.

My school library

My school also has a medium library. The following is a collection of good ancient and innovative books. Following are literature and books related to language, science, culture, history, geography, sociology, general knowledge, various subjects.

The book Premchand, Subhashkumari Chauhan, Ramdhari Singh Dwikar, Jaishankan Prasad, Sumitandan Pant, Shakespeare, Shabd, Tulsidas, can be accessed here. There are also a good number of books related to various subjects related to painting, cooking, wagwani.

All school students are members of the library. So they can come to the library to get their favorite book. Wherever the student asks for books in this library, it is given immediately. While giving a book, the name and date of this book are written on student card books and libraries.

In which it is also recorded how many days the book was done. If a student does not return a book at the stipulated time or returns on a condition, the student is fined. Some students do not store books in the correct positions or mark them with a pen. This is not good.

A specialty of my library

My school library was in a big room. There are many steel racks in this library. In which many shelves are made, where the book is stored in orderly order. The libraries in charge do full accounting. The correct settings are made here to protect books from mice and termites. Every year there are new books that come here, which can not make up for the shortage of books in the library.

In addition to the books in the library, there are letters and dailies. Teachers and students sit here and learn it. In the library, tables and chairs are included in the reader. Everyone keeps the peace while reading so that there is no disruption to others. This rule is not the same on all types of libraries, and not only with the school library.

The school library is very useful for students. From here, textbooks are exempt from poor students and merit. Free books for several periods for other students to read as well. Students can join comics and magazine stories from here for their entertainment. By acquiring a wide variety of books, the teacher helps in learning and teaching.