Essay on my plans for summer vacation for students and children


The idea of ​​summer vacation is very pleasant. It is a long holiday and provides relief from school and study. This is the best time to relax, play games and practice some fun and creative activities.

Summer holidays unite opportunities to relax and enjoy themselves. We do not have a boring routine during this time and we can enjoy it the way we want. These days are best for adventurous and full-energy activities.

My plan

I am very happy because I will go with my family to my grandparents in Dharagiri village, 5 km from Navsari, this summer vacation. I feel very eager and happy to go to my place of origin.

Because I got a chance to visit my grandparents, relatives & other cousins. In the village, my grandparents are surrounded by mango, coconut, Chiku, guava, pomegranate & many other fruits and vegetables.

I love fresh fruit and always enjoy it eat. I really like mangoes. Our mother cooks a delicious traditional dish for us. The taste and aroma of the food are amazing and we enjoy it.

Talk about my village

Green village, natural beauty & fresh air gives a calming effect. While living in the village, I like to walk to a different place with my brother and sister. We play a lot of sports, playing the root of the banyan tree and swinging wet and playing in the water.

We also went on a field trip with my mother’s uncle and were riding a horse. My life in the village is filled with many activities during these holidays. I am more interested in studies and writing. For this reason, there are many favorite books to read during the summer holidays. I enjoy reading most of the love stories.

I also like writing short stories and poems, so I plan to write something in my spare time. I will be attending music class this summer vacation. Because I want to play and learn the piano. I like to listen & play music in my spare time. So I plan to practice more on this topic over this summer vacation.