Essay on My Hobby for Students and Children


A hobby is something that an individual performs day by day in one’s recreation time. There should be something that restores us following a tiring day-something that makes us upbeat and loose.

When we discover a movement we are energetic about, we can investigate that action more. At the point when you get snared, you will understand that your side interest has become a basic piece of your life & assuming your leisure activity gives you a feeling of direction.

You will be more certain about testing yourself in your pastime and assist you with planning to learn new things at work. That is known as a hobby.

Cricket – My Favorite Hobby

One of my hobbies is playing cricket. It causes me to feel new and energetic. I play it day by day after school, with my companions in the jungle gym, behind my house.

Playing open-air games makes us in great shape. It additionally supports the convergence of the mind. Activities like bowling, running between the wickets, wicket-continuing, batting & handling require a ton of actual movement.

I have made countless companions while playing cricket. Cricket energizes collaboration. I think cricket is far superior to sitting hours before the PC screen or playing video games.

When I concentrate subsequent to playing, I am ready to focus better and handle ideas faster. My energy for playing cricket has additionally won me the captaincy in my school cricket team.

My family inspires me to play well and study hard. I even got my own cricket pack as a birthday present, the earlier year.


The pastime of an individual improves their life. Side interests permit you to destress yourself while remaining intellectually profitable.

Side interests may give a chance to you to associate with individuals and can interface with individuals who appreciate doing likewise things that you do.

You can meet new individuals, examine your interest & get associated with a greater circle that may even assistance you transform your diversion into your calling.