Essay on My Garden for Students and Children


The park is a very beautiful place, so seeing it makes the mind very happy. There is also a park in front of my house. I like the garden

The specialty of my garden

Different types of trees and plants are planted in my garden. Bahasa looks pretty good. In the park, red, pink, yellow, white flowers with different colors. My gardens are full of lush green grass which I love. I used to come here to sit with my grandfather as a child.

The colorful flowers of color around the park add to its glory. There is no animal damage to the garden and it is stranded. Because of birds and thorn bushes, wild animals cannot harm it. There is also green grass in my garden. There are also fruit trees around the garden.

There is also a lemon tree, guava & mango. Apart from flowers, there are some fruit trees in my garden. There is an old tree in the middle of the park, whose shade is very cold. Where I used to come every day to rest in summer.

There are many guava trees in my garden, the fruits of which have reached groups of children in our environment. In the trees planted in my garden, birds maintain their gossip. Where in the morning, the sound of birds and birds was heard.


I water the garden plants every day. I take good care of all the tree plants. As per their needs, I have handled them. On one side of my garden, different types of vegetables grow. In summer, radish, carrots, etc. I really like my garden. I enjoy working in the park. That’s why I always keep my garden beautiful. A garden calms the air and controls the sound. A park is a beautiful place, which brings peace to everyone.