Essay on My Favourite Teacher for students & children


An educator is a tutor, a good example, a guide & a companion we as a whole need in our everyday lives. Educators are ostensibly the main individuals from our general public.

They give youngsters reason, set them up for progress as residents of our reality, and rouse in them a drive they get progress admirably and prevail throughout everyday life.

A teacher or instructor is the one to impart among the understudy the benefits of learning and improving as a person throughout everyday life.

My teacher – My Mentor

My teacher, Miss Preeti who was no less than a mentor used to teach us English in our school, and everyone appeared to cherish his method of educating.

No doubt, to some, English is a subject that is thought to be an exhausting subject but my teacher Miss Preeti greatly acquainted us with the subject in a totally new manner, and I began to like the subject and needed to find out about it.

She used to examine points that are important and urged us to be refreshed with things occurring around us in our day-by-day lives. We never needed to confront a monotonic English class with her as she generally made the classes energizing with her teaching method.

Her way of Teaching

Her appearance could be characterized as an individual wearing basic garments, yet her eyes glimmered with certainty. From her face, one could make out that she was filled with a tremendous measure of information inside herself.

My teacher is a good example and a motivation to go further and to dream higher. What makes her teaching stunning is her accountable talks that seemed educative, energizing & were laden with scholarly references. Her emotional method of clarifying the exercises assisted us with getting the point rapidly.

Summing up, Miss Preeti was an amazing person who essentially affected me, my life & overall my attributes. In every aspect of schooling, she ensured that I experienced passionate feelings for the subject.