essay on my favorite author for students in English


We as a whole have grown up understanding books and books of different kinds. Everybody has a particular creator which they like the most. We as a whole love them for various reasons whether it is for loving their direction or composing or the characters they make.

I like to peruse books on all parts of writing. However, I live to peruse books in particular. It encourages me to learn new words and furthermore assists me with acquiring information.

Have consistently delighted in investing my energy with my nose dove into books. I got into the propensity for perusing since the beginning. I started with Enid Blyton who composed experiences of Noddy.

The best thing of her Novel

In particular, the representations in his books consistently interested me. The idiosyncratic characters with one-of-a-kind characters were a joy to peruse.

Has a particular talent for words. His language is so basic yet so extraordinary, that it makes it simple for anybody to comprehend what he is attempting to pass on.

The entirety of his books had exercises worth learning. Everybody should peruse at any rate one Roald Dahl book for the sheer euphoria they bring.

Likewise, we should recommend kids read his books for continuing energizing substance. All in all, the representations in her books made it much more intriguing to understand them.

His books are important even today and the exercises actually apply to this world and will do until the end of time.

Virginia Woolf’s amazing work

Woolf got one of the focal subjects of the 1970s development of women’s activist analysis and her works have since gathered a lot of consideration and far and wide critique for “motivating feminism.

Her works have been converted into in excess of 50 dialects. A huge assortment of writing is committed to her life and work, and she has been the subject of plays, books, and movies.

Woolf is remembered today by sculptures, social orders devoted to her work. One of her well-known novel statements” A lady should have cash and her very own room on the off chance that she is to compose fiction.”

Her idiosyncrasies as a fiction author have would in general cloud her focal strength: she is seemingly the significant writer.