essay on my favorite animal for students & children


However, there are numerous species existing on the planet but the one favorite and adorable animal of mine are Dog. Dogs are most faithful and dearest to the human.

My dog is well capable of swimming in any waves of water. Dogs are present almost everywhere on the planet. It cherishes its lord without question.

It monitors the house from cheats with care. The police officers use canines in following out cheats and lawbreakers. He offers regard to his lord. He can smell his lord from far away.

Attributes of My Pet

My dog is a four-footed handsome pet. It comes in numerous sorts like Bull canines, Gray dogs, Blood dogs, lap canines & various other species.

This sharp-toothed animal is the main portion of my family that is treated with utmost care as a dear pet and viewed as one of the relatives.

The little-size canines are subdued and cherished as sweethearts in the family. Furthermore, the greater dogs which are also known as canines are sufficiently able to battle the cheats and looters. I love my pet to a greater degree.

Nature of Dogs

Canines are creatures as well as they are pets, companions & Investigators. Examination Department keeps Dogs as a Security specialist to track down the basic arrangement of an issue. They are prepared so keenly so they are called keen creatures.

They are usually very sharp as well as Smart to even think about making up for the lost time things without any problem. Dogs are likewise kept as pets in homes as their companions. Individuals love to keep canines as they are faithful to their lords.

They fill their need sacrificially. They are prepared to forfeit their lives to save their lord’s life yet a few groups don’t esteem canines. Canines are truly faithful creatures on earth.