Essay on My Father My Hero for Students & Children


Every dad in the world can do anything for their family and loved ones. He is the person who buckles down for the decency of the family.

In the event that there can be a Super Hero in this world, it is a father and there is nobody who can supplant him. he treats everybody similarly and doesn’t do any sort of segregation with anybody.

A father takes a great deal of care to ensure we are hail and solid. On the off chance that we are wiped out, he staggers and continues to stress until we are fine once more.

Father – Epitome of goodness

Just like the saint in films we see, is extremely mainstream in his region in the same way my father is prepared to help everybody whenever.

My dad organized accounts for them. As around then, they are not monetarily steady and his partners are the just procuring individual from the family.

Additionally, he goes through an hour in the emergency clinic to finish the customs and masterminding the medication.

My father is an alternate character who can undoubtedly rouse anybody. I love my Dad’s demeanor. I have taken in inspirational disposition from my Dad. He is quite worried about our scholastics, wellbeing & satisfaction.

He is a Dedicated Person

My dad has different characteristics too he additionally persevering and timely and committed to his work and frequently work late hours.

My Dad has instructed me to consider Failures to be the way to Success. Not so much as a solitary day I have seen him debilitate.

He is my good example and I love to live by his ethics. He is such a pleasant Dad that we have never got irritated when he calls attention to our slip-ups.

Be that as it may, for this, he never bargains his experience with family. I’m fortunate that my dad is unique in relation to them as he offers significance to his family first and after that work.

Aside from the mindful mentality, he is likewise hardworking. there were times when I have seen him working late at hours even on siestas. He realizes how to keep up his expert and individual life and that is the thing I love most about him.