Essay on My Best Friend for Students & Children


To be blessed with one friend who knows you well, who supports you, and stands by you in your hard times is such great happiness in the world.

No doubt, the whole world seems, by all accounts, to be desolate without a genuine companion. In this manner, the requirement for a valid and legit companion is in every case highest in the psyche of man.

Genuine companions, presumably, are uncommon in this world. A good friend should be filled with positive characteristics that make anyone decent and lovely in the eyes of people. Also, a decent and true companion must be prepared to approach to help other people.

My Best Friend- My Support System

My best friend lives in Delhi and she has been great all the years since we separated. One of the good traits about her is being a good listener.

Whenever I am in dilemma or stress, she is the one always for me. She comes from a very good and respectable family. Her parents are well-to-do.

A companion is the mixture of life and panacea for some ills. A companion is extremely helpful at the hour of affliction.

Sway affirms the saying that “a companion in need is a companion to be sure.” But there are numerous in this world who are faint-hearted allies.

My best of friends is the epitome of humanity, kindness and intelligence. She is a peaceful and hard-working girl who makes an effort not to offend anyone.

Thoughtful to the less blessed, anyone can see her taking care of the hungry and debilitated. True and valid, with a strict twisted of the brain, she has been my closest companion.

She is no less than an ocean of information, with great Characteristics of mankind, dedication to obligation, regard for seniors and love for youthful.