essay on mobile phone for Students & Children


Cell phones are quite possibly the most ordinarily utilized contraptions in this day and age. Everybody from a youngster to a grown-up utilizes cell phones nowadays.

They are without a doubt exceptionally valuable and help us from multiple points of view.  They are a gift just till we use them accurately.

As when we use them for in excess of a fixed time, they become unsafe for us. We utilize cell phones for nearly everything now.

Advantages of Mobile Phone

The telephones of this age are known as advanced mobile phones. They are no not exactly a PC and at times much more. You would video be able to call individuals utilizing this telephone, and furthermore deal with your authority archives. You find the opportunity to utilize online media and play music through it.

We bring out every one of the undertakings through cell phones which we at first utilized our PCs. We can even make powerpoint introductions on our telephones and use it as an adding machine to facilitate our work. Cell phones are exceptionally profitable. They help us in making our lives simple and advantageous.

They assist us with imparting our friends and family and complete our work effectively. Besides, they likewise accomplish crafted by the PC, number cruncher, and cameras. Individuals are these days not utilizing however manhandling cell phones.

They are utilizing them interminably which is demolishing their lives. They are the reason for some afflictions. They occupy us and get us far from significant work. Additionally, they likewise bargain with our security making us powerless against programmers.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phone

While cell phones are exceptionally useful, they additionally go to a ton of inconveniences. Right off the bat, they make a distance between individuals. As individuals invest energy on their telephones, they don’t converse with one another much. Individuals will sit in a similar room and be occupied on their telephones as opposed to conversing with one another.

Above all, cell phones are a reason for some illnesses. At the point when we use telephones for quite a while, our vision gets more fragile. They cause strain on our minds. We likewise experience the ill effects of cerebral pains, watery eyes, restlessness and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. So, we perceive how it is both a blight and an aid.

It relies upon us how we can utilize it for our potential benefit. We should restrict our use of cell phones and not let it control us. As cell phones are assuming control over our lives, we should realize when to take a stand. All things considered, we are the proprietors and not the cell phone.


Gone are the days when we utilized them for just calling. Presently, our lives rotate around it. They come being used for imparting through voice, messages, and sends. We can likewise ride the web utilizing a telephone. Above all, we likewise click photographs and record recordings through our portable camera.