Essay on Mob Lynching in English for Student & Children


Lynching is a kind of violent violence, in which faith is believed injustice without any legal investigation process. In this, no human rights are given to the accused.

He is punished as a criminal, which is extremely painful and complete torture. Under this, the offender is mutilated and disfigured, resulting in the death of the person due to pain in most of the cases.

It is a self-made court under the Lynch law, in which a person is convicted and convicted without any legal action. Whenever this violence is carried out by a mob or people belonging to a particular community, it is called ‘Mob-lynching’.

False Rumor

When the Government of India prohibited the purchase and sale of quadruped animals for meat in the country under the Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals Act, on 26 May 2017, cow-slaughter sensation spread throughout the country.

The ban was subsequently lifted by the Supreme Court in July 2017. This brought relief to companies making leather and cow meat products, earning a turnover of crores of rupees every year.

On the contrary, there was increased anger among the people for this decision. In many states where Muslim people reside and cow meat is among their main meals, cases of attacks by unknown mobs increased on them. About a dozen innocent people were killed in such mob-lynching cases.

The Silence of the Political Class

Despite the increasing cases of mob-lynching, the political class and the administrator class remain mute spectators. Most human rights activists believe that the political class has a hand in the growing crimes committed by the mob and this is also the reason for its silence.

Apart from this, they have always gained power only by suppressing the rights of minorities. Due to their behavior, the crowd has started considering themselves as masters and considering themselves as out of control. The political classes never take any stern attitude except condemning such incidents, nor do they ever visit any victim or his family.

Child – Theft Charge

Child-theft accusations are one of the initial factors to provoke mob-lynching. Due to this, many mentally deranged individuals & laborers & nurses working in homes and hospitals have lost their lives.

According to a report, in 10 states in the past few times, at least 20 people have lost their lives at the hands of the mob due to allegations of child theft.

Lack of Proper Law and Order

The murder of a person by people on the charge of child theft shows that the public has no faith in the law nor the police. The general public believes that in most cases of child theft, the police are negligent.

She fails to find the culprit on time, leaving little chance of the child coming back to her parents. And even if the police find the child, he is late and by then the criminal has escaped from there.

Apart from this, many times the police also refuse to register a case, and threaten the victim’s family and force them to keep quiet. Criminals are often acquitted for lack of evidence. All of the above shows the failure of the police. Therefore, it is the most important reason responsible for increasing mob-lynching.


In the past years, we have seen how technology which was considered as a boon for human civilization, the same technology is being used in the propagation of rumors and wrong news in the hands of some wrong people. As a result, any innocent person is killed. In recent times, there have been cases of mob-lynching caused by false news spread by social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp. Although the people operating these sites talk about the changes used to reduce the impact of fake news, this step has not proved to be effective in preventing or reducing these crimes. In today’s time, there is a need to adopt some stringent provisions related to the use of these sites so that the truth of the news circulating through them can be examined and public awareness about the misinformation can be made.