Essay on Martin Luther King for Students & Children


Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most remarkable and renowned African-American pioneers appointed in the U.S.

Luther’s life got lost at the time when he played out a serene dissent for the advancement of blacks in America. His genuine name was Michael King Jr.

Undoubtedly, he fulfilled many important objectives set in his mind during the reign of leadership.

Education of Martin Luther King

He finished his examinations and accomplished a Ph.D. From that point onward, he joined the American Civil Rights Movement. He was among one the extraordinary men who committed their lives to the local area. Martin Luther King was an American lobbyist, priest, and compassionate.

Likewise, he had worked for a few different causes and effectively took an interest in numerous fights and blacklists. He was a tranquil man that has confidence in Christian convictions and peacefulness.

Likewise, his motivation for them was crafted by Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. For his work in the field of social liberties, the Nobel Committee granted him the Nobel Peace Prize.

Martin Luther King’s great doings

He was an extraordinary speaker that spurred the blacks to fight utilizing peacefulness. He has participated in numerous common right missions and blacklists like the Bus Boycott, Voting Rights & the most celebrated March on Washington.

In this walk alongside in excess of 200,000 individuals, he walked towards Washington for basic freedom. During his life functioning ahead of the Civil Rights Movement he makes numerous adversaries.

Likewise, the public authority and plans do everything to hurt his standing. Martin Luther King was killed in 1968.


Martin Luther King was an incredible man who devoted to what seems like forever for his local area. Additionally, he was a functioning chief and an incredible representative that served his kin as well as humankind. It was because of his commitment that the African-American got their social liberties.