Essay on life after corona in English for student & children


The Corona Massacre has not changed our thoughts and sympathies. But has changed our whole life. In terms of population, the world’s second-largest country in the democratic system has been successful in controlling the Corona epidemic.

The consequences of restraint, self-policy, simplicity & discipline in community behavior are also available. Where these steps have been strictly followed. The number of patients and mortality have been recorded.

Corona effect

Today there is no part of life, there is stagnation. Looking at the pace of living today, imagine living in the future, it makes us nervous.

But with life, it must be connected to the existence, then it must stop its motion. The truth between the ups and downs of life has found that not only the fast pace but also by developing slowly, life can be cured to a great extent. Epidemic corona has reinforced this idea.

Corona impact on life

Not every speed, but can be extended to seek and get the real happiness and truth of life. If anyone is bored with your lifestyle or work or does not feel that, it is a sign that your thinking should change or how to work, this thinking should change according to the circumstances.

Often, taking a short break between chores also provides mental support. Pandemic Corona is our fire test time. Which not only disrupts traditional-religious festivals and our religion but also our academic and economic activities.

We are all involved in finding solutions to challenges and crises that grow together. By staying at home, we can overcome this scary situation. We must be constantly vigilant, there is no scope for speed. One of us forgot a lot of lives in crisis. Because this is the time when we show unity in our resolve and effort.

The conclusion

We understand the basic rituals propagated by our religious sect. If we take care of ourselves and live near them, who take care of people. So only Corona’s life will be destroyed. By providing traditional, cultural, sensation & confusing, we have set an example before the world. It is now necessary to provide examples of some restrictions. Understand this – suppose you are waiting for the bus, then tell yourself that ‘waiting for attention for the bus’. Now you will feel in a new way at that time.