Essay on Leadership for students & children


Leadership alludes to the nature of driving individuals. Likely, it is perhaps the main part of life.

Without great Leadership, no association or gathering can succeed. Moreover, not every person has this quality.

It is on this basis that some important characteristics are required to force leadership.

Characteristics of good leadership

certainty is the most quality. A pioneer should have solid self-assurance. A sick person can never be a decent pioneer in certainty. An individual should be adequately certain to guarantee others follow him. The pioneer should believe in his choices and activities.

On the occasion that he is unsure how individuals want to follow him. A decent pioneer should absolutely move others. A pioneer needs to be a good example for his followers. Besides, he should inspire them at whatever point conceivable.

Additionally, under troubling circumstances, a pioneer must not lose faith. Genuineness is the most important attribute of a leader. Trustworthiness and Integrity are imperative to acquire adoration for adherents. Most importantly, trustworthiness is fundamental for win the trust of individuals.

Most likely, every Leadership who loses trust will undoubtedly fizzle. Individuals won’t work with full exertion because of an indecent pioneer. Great correspondence is an absolute necessity for a decent pioneer. This is on the grounds that helpless correspondence implies some unacceptable message to devotees.

Another significant quality is dynamic. Most importantly, assuming a pioneer settles on helpless choices, different characteristics won’t make any difference. In addition, the great dynamic guarantees the achievement of the entire assembly.

In the event that the pioneer settles on helpless choices, the endeavors of adherents will not make any difference. The administration is needed in likely every circle of life. Great authority is the way to progress. Interestingly, awful authority is an assurance of disappointment.

Therefore, great pioneers are what drive the world as we know it. A decent pioneer should be a magnificent trend-setter. He should show an imaginative disposition in his work.

Generally vital, development is an assurance of endurance of a gathering or advancement. Without inventive reasoning, progress is absurd.


The main quality of being a decent leadership is self-assurance. A decent leader is doing everything unhesitatingly and empowers this trust in others. The individual brightens up individuals and causes them to feel that they are required and that they are doing everything great. However, a certain yet non-minded person is probably putting the entire group in difficulty.