Essay on India of My Dreams for Students


Everybody long for a country that would be liberated from such joblessness, Poverty, Hunger, Crime & so forth India of my fantasy would be a country where ladies are protected and walk uninhibitedly on street.

Likewise, it will be where there is an opportunity of correspondence to all & everybody can appreciate it in their actual sense.

India- A better place to Live In

The India of my fantasy will be where instruction will be compulsory for all. In spite of the fact that there are many taught individuals in India.

However, because of debasement and numerous different reasons they can’t find a nice line of work.

Despite the fact that India got autonomy in 1947, still we can’t get total freedom from the rank, religion, and belief segregation.

Elimination of all social, economic & technical evils

I need India to be experimentally cutting-edge, mechanically better & horticulturally progressed. I might want to assemble an India where rationale and logical thoughts would beat daze confidence and devotion. India I had always wanted would be an India that is independent in food.

Every one of the fruitless terrains would be developed for accomplishing independence in food grains. Horticulture would be given unique consideration since farming is the foundation of the Indian economy. would likewise fortify India’s safeguard.

The nation would be solid to such an extent that no adversary could at any point dare cast his rapacious eyes on the hallowed soil of India. The safeguard and security of the nation would be of central significance.

Disposal of obliviousness and lack of education would be my next needs in light of the fact that these are blights for any general public. Individuals would be taught on a mass scale. At that point, the arrangement of popular government could be more realistic. Singular freedom and opportunity would be characterized and conceded in the letter just as soul.


The kind of India I dream to see is hard to accomplish on the grounds that there are numerous social, strict, and political issues. Solely after disposing of them we can consider the India of my fantasy.

There are numerous different preventions in the way of advancement of India yet debasement is a deterrent. India of my fantasy will be an ideal country where each resident will be equivalent.

Additionally, there is no segregation of any kind. Moreover, it will be where ladies are viewed as equivalents to men and regarded similarly.