essay on independence day for student & children


The 15th of August is the most essential day in Indian history. On this day, our Indian sub-landmass got autonomy afterward long battle.

India just has three public celebrations that are praised by the entire country as one. After the autonomy, India turned into the biggest majority rules system on the planet.

We contended energetically to get our autonomy from the Britishers. In this article on Independence Day, we will examine the set of experiences and significance of Independence Day.

History of 15th August

For right around two centuries the Britishers had administration over Indian. Furthermore, the resident of the nation endured a ton because of these oppressors. English authorities deal with us like slaves until we figure out how to retaliate against them.

Indians battled for our autonomy however work vigorously and benevolently under the direction of our chiefs Jawahar Lal Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, and numerous other famous contenders.

However, a definitive point of these was to drive out the Britishers from the country. What’s more, on fifteenth August 1947, the hotly anticipated dream work out.

Why we celebrate Independence Day

To remember the second and to appreciate the soul of opportunity and autonomy we observe Independence Day. Another explanation is to recollect the penances and lives we have lost in this battle.

Moreover, we commended it to advise us that this opportunity that we appreciate is acquired the most difficult way possible.

Aside from that, the festival awakens the nationalist inside us. Alongside festivity, the youthful age is familiar with the battles of individuals who inhabited that time.

Importance of 15t August (Independence Day)

In spite of the fact that it’s a public occasion individual of the nation praise it with incredible excitement. Schools, workplaces, social orders, and universities commend this day by getting sorted out different little and enormous occasions.

At Red Fort, India’s Prime Minister come up with National Flag, Tiranga as the public banner. In the honor of the event, 21 discharges are terminated. This is the asking of the headliner. This occasion is later on followed by a military motorcade.

The school and universities coordinate social occasions, extravagant dress rivalries, discourse, discussion, and test rivalry. Each Indian holds an alternate perspective about Indian Independence. For a few, it’s a token of the long battle while for young people it represents the brilliance and honor of the country.