Essay on Importance of Sports for Students & Children



A person needs dedication, regularity, patience & most importantly certain physical activities for a healthy life and physical and mental health. Sports are the best way to engage in regular physical activities.

Importance of Sports

Physical activities are very important for a runner or professional athlete. It means a lot to him and his life. The game provides excellent opportunities for players at the national and international levels.

In some countries, sports and sporting activities are organized and on some occasions, festivals are organized. For example, the Olympic Games are held to honor the Olympiad of ancient Greece.

Sports play a very important role in everyone’s busy lives, especially in the lives of students. Sports is very important because it gives physical and mental health to a person who is regularly involved in sports.


Just like we need the education to get a name, fame & money in our life. In the same way, to get a healthy body and brain, one should engage in any kind of physical activity, for which sports is the best way.